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The Power of Printing (and digital)…

May 1, 2016 / admin / Printing

‘Print is Dead!’….you should by now have heard this statement, and it is widely used by many digital marketers and techies or in some cases marketing managers who want to appear as trending….

The truth is that business is done in many different ways today with the internet becoming the first port of call. But having a website presence does not mean you will attract more customers!!! Dealing with businesses means you are dealing with people….and people can be complicated.

Certain approaches of marketing become a trending method and are broadcast as a silver bullet that solves all your marketing woes…but there are no silver bullets where marketing is concerned. What really works is learning, listening, adjusting and talking to your customers or potential customers through a mixture of digital and printed methods. Utilising tactile marketing like Print, reportedly creates a stronger bond with customers and prospects than digital outreach alone.

That’s maybe why the online component of a campaign pays back 62% more when there is print in the mix.

Many different forms of print such as mailers, postcards, leaflets, brochures and more provide a direct method to promote your business. They start conversations and deliver a return on your marketing investment.

Print is far from dead….it just needs to be used intelligently, and you will see a return on your investments.

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