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Is Adobe Creative Suite all that and a packet of crisps?

September 1, 2016 / admin / Design, Printing

If you are a designer still deciding whether to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud for print or otherwise…read on. The growth of software over the past decade has provided the graphic designing and printing industry with a vast array of tools that until now have not been accessible to the freelance designer. At Riverport Press, we have seen designers go above and beyond with their designs, display, and print graphics, purely because of what the software has been able to allow them to do.

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a creative software suite of video editing, graphic designing, and web development applications evolved by Adobe Systems. Each edition containing well-known applications such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, and InDesign. These being the industry standard for designing for print, digital or web.

In fact, the “big three” of Adobe Creative Suite – InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are highly useful for graphic designers. As part of a creative suite, each application complements the other and provides a seamless join between one applications to the other, making life so much easier for the designer.

All the applications have options for print output, with color profiling, bleed settings, slug areas, and so much more. Exporting direct to a PDF document or collating and packaging for Print Output allows the designer to ensure nothing is missing at the end of the project and all files are accounted for as part of the design. There are various print settings for capturing colour profiles when preparing for print out amongst other things.

Adobe Creative Suite CS6 was released on 7th May 2012 and almost after a year Adobe made the decision to create a cloud-based version of the creative suite. A decision which we personally feel has helped designers from all over the country to get their hands on valuable tools and equipment specific to their chosen craft.

We certainly feel that investing in the creative suite is a worthwhile decision for all designers, whether digital media, video or print. To combine creativity with client demand and expectations you need a toolset with extra features, and with all of the tools and features “out of the box” Adobe Creative Suite is a designer’s essential piece of kit.

The Creative Cloud boasts one of the largest toolsets in the 2016 market. Such as all the programs run in the Master Collection of Adobe Creative Suite. Sometimes it’s misinterpreted by many people that you need to have an internet connectivity to use the programs “running in the cloud.” but this is not always the case. Yes, you need a good internet connection to install the apps. But once downloaded, these can reside on your local hard drive same as any other program does. The apps automatically and intermittently check in with Adobe to validate any license usage and any update features.

As a print company we get to see files originating from various software sources, such as gimp, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint amongst others. The advent of the cloud has certainly helped to put the power of adobe in the hands of many “everyday” designers allowing them to create documents without the need for a designer per se. However, from a technical point of view and an understanding of designing specifically for print, a good graphic designer is certainly worth their weight in gold. At Riverport Press we combine our services and understanding of the software to our clients. We make sure to support them in preparing their files, so they get the best output when it comes to printed materials, corporate materials, stationery, and brochures, etc.

Advances in print technology have certainly made things quicker and easier, subsequently reducing many of the risks but only when files are prepared for print correctly. As with all things, if color profiles or bleed settings, for example, have not been set properly at artwork stages, these mistakes could be carried through into production if not checked and spotted by a team of artwork professionals.

At Riverport Press, we pride ourselves on supporting designers and agencies that use all manner of creative software and through simple discussions with our clients help them to produce printed material that reflects their branding vision and creativity. Nothing is impossible, it’s simply the way you look at it!

If you are a designer or marketing agency that needs a printer who can help you produce print materials that reflect your designs and marketing materials as accurately as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01480 492593 or email today! Why not let us know what software you use or your experience in preparing your files for print, and we’ll see how we can help!

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