Riverport Studio

A mainly Mac based environment, the Studio at Riverport press is just as conversant on PC format and runs every programme from the full Adobe Creative Suite to Microsoft Publisher and Word.

The pre-press studio is where your files are transformed into workable items, checked, corrected and made suitable for the Press Room. Your publication can now begin its journey.

We are able to accept any form of files on any platform in any programme they have been created in. Files from email, FTP, memory stick, DVD or CD are acceptable. Our Studio uses the latest in Adobe engine workflow software. This ensures data integrity and continues the ‘what you see is what you get’ philosophy of a PDF.

Members of our Studio are also available to offer advice and help if there are any problems or issues relating to your files and will work with you to achieve excellence in your publications.Riverport Press studio offers a range of proofing alternatives from soft PDF proofing via email to high quality Epson inkjet proofing. We can also make use of an exclusive online ordering system for clients to login, upload and order pre-loaded and approved artwork files online.